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I feel like I need to begin by telling you that the pattern I used for my latest project appeared in a monthly German DIY magazine and therefore might not be available in your part of the world. I believe the magazine usually offers three patterns, one of which is created in collaboration with a small, independent company. And while flipping through the January issue of 2013, I happily discovered that they featured the British label Folk. My boyfriend immediately recalled a few of their shirts he discovered at Liberty on a short trip to London. But what tempted me was the corresponding interview… in a short statement the creators of Folk proclaim that they aspire to create comfortable and effortless clothing that enhance a strong sense of self-confidence without having to be sexy and evocative. Oh yes, defnitely my kind of people! Anyway, while the slightly boyish cut of the top might not be something for everyone, it surely made my  heart skip a little faster…





PATTERN: Zip Back Top by Folk in Cut Magazine 01/13

FABRICS: Liberty “Ornithology” print tana lawn


MODIFICATIONS: I lengthened the top by 5cm (but I will shorten it as soon as possible… I actually do prefer the shorter look)

THOUGHTS: This little top is so exceptionally well designed! I’m in love with the side panel detailing, the tiny breast darts, the short saddle shoulders, the contrasting back zip – all those hidden little details that are hardly noticeable at first (especially in a busy print like mine), but they do make the overall design! And then there is the very clean finish on the inside. It did take a longer to sew (oh my, flat felled seams on shoulders!), but I very much enjoyed the whole process!

Well, to be honest … there is only one step in sewing that I find a bit frustrating, and that is gathering all the needed materials. I just can’t ever find what I’m looking for! So I’m always forced to compromise (but never without a little disappointment!). And this project is no exception: I just couldn’t find a metal zipper in the right length or color. And I was hoping to find a good minimal print for this pattern, but I do love the Liberty print I eventually chose (picked up on sale!). Of course it is well known for it’s lovely interpretation by Nadinoo – and while I could never make anything to rival her deliciousness, I’m definitely happy to keep trying.

Someday, I’d love to make another one…. someday.




34 responses to “PROJECTS // FOLK ZIP BACK TOP

  1. Louise, this is beautiful! I love everything you make – I just want to raid your wardrobe! I really like this style top – the exposed zip is a great detail. I’m going to look out for this magazine (I can sometimes find German and French magazines in my local design shop). Your choice of fabric is perfect. Another fabulous make!

    • Awwhh, thank you! Funnily enough my closet is rather empty, but I’m more than eager to fill it with handmade garments! And yes, if you ever do come across the pattern you should most definitely give it a try! I certainly learned a lot from it.

  2. This is great! Love everything, the top, your craftmanship, the pictures, your styling… It is truly inspirational. I’m looking foward to see more of your makes!

  3. i just found your lovely blog through grainline studios blog and it has made my day. jen was right in saying all of your creations are wonderful. love this top and love that it is in a print i would never be brave enough to pick but you’ve made it look so great!

  4. This top is so cool! I really want to find this magazine! My German is terrible but maybe I can fumble through the pattern. Well done!

  5. Lovely! I’ve got that copy of Cut and have been thinking about making this shirt, now I’m convinced. Thanks for the inspiration! Now to find the right fabric :-)

    @gingermakes – I’m at an intermediate German level and have read the pattern through a couple of times in preparation. There are photos too which helps with understanding.

  6. Wow, amazing! The top, the fabric, I love it! Great job!

  7. The bird print is incredible. Truly. I think you’ve done an amazing job on this project (and many of your others). I’ve been looking at your past projects since linking to you from Grainline.

  8. I found your blog via grainline. I own this copy of CUT too and wasn’t sure about the pattern. but now I’ll give it a go!! That Liberty fabric is gorgeous :D

  9. This is beautiful well done. I love the ornithology print as well so much and also made a top out of it after seeing the amazing shirts by Nadinoo. She is such an inspiration.

  10. I have to say I love this fabric choice, especially the way you styled it. The inside of the zipper looks so beautiful it could easily be the outside. Now I need to look up this magazine, haven’t heard of it before, though I have no German at all, haha!

  11. Lovely shirt, lovely fabric! Found your blog via Grainline and subscribed to your blog immediately. Being a resident of northern Germany too, may I I ask where you buy your beautiful liberty prints?

    • Oh, wie lieb von dir… vielen lieben Dank! Ich habe hier bisher leider noch keinen Laden gefunden, der die schönen Liberty-Stoffe verkauft. Also bestelle ich sie meist im Internet (oder ich bringe sie mir noch lieber aus dem Urlaub mit!) – beides ist auf jeden Fall auch sehr viel günstiger, aber natürlich auch sehr viel komplizierter! Zum Beispiel gibt es in diesem französischen Onlineshop eine kleine aber feine Auswahl an Liberty-Stoffen (der Versand liegt meist nur bei 2-4 Euro). Auch in diesem belgischen Onlineshop habe ich schon bestellt (der Versand liegt meist bei 6 Euro). Und mit ein wenig Geburtstagsgeld habe ich auch bereits in diesem englischen Onlineshop bestellt (der Versand ist leider meist bei 10 Euro). Ich finde die Qualität der Liberty Tana Lawn Stoffe aber wirklich einzigartig schön! Ich habe bestimmt Etwas vergessen, aber ich hoffe, dass es dir trotzdem ein wenig hilft? :)

    • ich hatte neulich zum zweiten mal glück bei alfatex. dorthin verirrt sich alle paar monate mal ein ballen liberty aus vergangenen kollektionen für ca. 9 euro/m! vielleicht ist bei dir ja eine filiale in der nähe?

  12. What a great job Louise!! I really like the fit!
    I hope you have a great 2013!!

  13. This is so gorgeous! And the story behind the print design amazing! Look forward to seeing more!

  14. Hello! Just popped by from Grainline blog and I think I might stay a while. Love your hand-made style, very unique. And I can’t go past a bird print…

  15. I just love this top – and so beautifully sewn!. I had stumbled across cut magazine online and have so wanted to get my hands on some copies, but alas I cannot get them in Australia :-(

  16. I love this!!! How will I ever find that pattern?! Oh woe is me…

  17. Hi!I discovered your blog from Sky Turtle blog and I really like it!Your handmade designs are really amazing!I love the top and the bird print!I wish Cut magazine was in English!I’ve seen some really nice patterns!

  18. Hello! This is so increadible! Very beautiful print and nice work!
    I am sorry if i am being rude or impolite, but i cannot find the pattern, i cannot find the file. Please, please, if it is possible, could you give me a direct link to it of your drawing or, at least, picture of ot, so i can sew something like this?
    Thank you so very much! :)

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