Every spring, just as the first flowers begin to grow and unfold in our beautiful neighborhood, something strongly lures me to botanical prints. So I took a closer look at Liberty of London’s latest “Flower Show” collection, and of course I fell so very deeply in love with this breathtaking print by British artist Mary Fedden…. because just wearing it immediately transports me to a world of bright and joyful days!

And although the pattern I used clearly is an ode to the fabulous Coco Chanel (oh, how I adore her for the iconic boy-meets-chic style that she initially achieved by altering men’s clothes for herself – so very rebellious!), my version is more or less inspired by another Parisian designer, the wonderful Alix Thomsen. To say that her padded jackets have always been a great inspiration of mine is putting it pretty mildly. I actually find myself dreaming of a spontaneous trip to Paris every now and then, just to peruse through all of her beautiful pieces in person. Oh, wouldn’t that be fabulous?






PATTERN: Coco by Schnittchen (a German independent pattern company)

FABRICS: Liberty “Abbey Pool” print tana lawn for the shell, black silk charmeuse for the lining, and Freudenberg #248 batting


MODIFICATIONS: There actually will be another short blog post coming up in a few days, in which I plan to describe all the necessary steps for altering the original pattern to a quilted jacket (including pictures of the inside and translations of the pattern).

THOUGHTS: There are so many little things I love about this jacket; it’s hard to decide where to start. First of all, the jacket is neatly fitted for a very feminine silhouette. And the quilting adds an incomparably soft texture, too. The three-quarter length sleeves cleverly consist of two pattern pieces. All in all, it’s a beautifully drafted pattern! And even though I would prefer to see some diagrams in the (German) instructions, I would most definitely recommend this versatile pattern to anyone in need of a timeless cardigan jacket! Especially if you’re planning on making a quilted version, as there is no need for the instructions anyway.

Oh yes, I firmly believe that a casual jacket is an everyday must-have – not only does it help to get the cold out, but it also helps to add structure to any outfit! And I just can’t wait for it to get softer and softer with every wear…

Happy spring, everyone… it’s a promising time of year!





  1. This is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Wow, your jacket looks amazing! I’m so impressed with the quilting and am looking forward to reading more details. (I’m working on a casual jacket myself at the moment). Yours is inspiring!

  3. I love finding a new independent pattern company. This looks so great! I’ve seen some semi-quilted jackets in high fashion circles lately, makes me think of Chinese grandmothers. Can’t wait for your construction details to come.

  4. Louise, this is so beautiful! I love the pattern and fabric combination – your work is impeccable as usual! This is very inspiring – I’m looking forward to reading more about your modifications. (In the mean time, I’m going to see if I can find a similar pattern! My limited German is not up to translating sewing instructions!)

  5. Stunning! Truly. The details and craftsmanship in this are just breathtaking! And I’m dying over that botanical print! What a great way to brighten up your spring wardrobe! Can’t wait to read more about it!

  6. This is incredible! I love the textile you chose– it’s so bright and springy, a perfect update to the classic Chanel jacket! Well done!

  7. this looks like a really great and versatile pattern! i can’t wait to see your post on the modifications you made to this :)

  8. tinynicethings

    Ohh your jacket is wonderful, perfect for springtime! This is a real classic with a modern style, I’m sure that you’re going to wear it a lot.

  9. What a wonderful fabric to quilt! I’ve been so inspired to see all your makes and have just nominated your blog for a Leibster Award –


    Absolutely beautiful – I love the fabric and so well made. Inspirational!

  11. hey, I nominated you for an award, check out my blog

  12. Love the jacket and the colors are to die for! I usually stick to organic fabric where I can and use, but I’ll deffo check out the liberty fabric.

  13. Your jacket is gorgeous, well done!! I am just downloaded the pattern and need my printer to work… Can’t wait!

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