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Hello, dear reader!

When Kelli of True Bias initially released her Sutton Blouse I hesitated buying it. But as I studied its pattern lines (squinting my eyes at the computer screen just like an artist does to reevaluate his work), a vision struck me: if I use a wool bouclé, add a generous hood and some fringed detailing, oh yes – this would make one perfect layering poncho! And so – a Sutton poncho it is!

Oh yes, visions are the most powerful force behind every creative process, aren’t they? Or actually, behind everything in life. So while sewing, I like to make use of this empowering technique, and ask myself: how do I want to feel while wearing this? Is it feminine; is it powerful; or just relaxed? And then again, I ask myself: where do I want to wear this? Is it a romantic picnic, a demanding meeting; or just uninterrupted me-time? And so, stitch-by-stich, I visualize its upcoming life. But whatever that vision is – I always remember to load it up! Oh yes, I LOAD. IT. UP. And I deeply encourage you, too: overload your handcrafts with thousands of sentiments, billions of hopes and quadruples of desires. In a time of curated capsule wardrobes (a great example of our desire to suppress ourselves), there’s this deep-seated fear of profound attachment. But never let that fear compromise your vision, ever! As someone who’s had her fair share of darkness, I believe it’s my mission to remind everyone, everyday – feel those feelings, engage with your visions!








PATTERN: Sutton Blouse by True Bias and Undercover Hood by Papercut Patterns

SIZING: I didn’t size up, this is my usual size – and it fits perfectly (even over knits)!

FABRIC: Navy/grey wool bouclé and navy silk voile (yoke lining, hong-kong seams)

MODIFICATIONS: I finished this last summer, so I can’t recall any mods besides adding the hood, using my favorite finishing techniques (lined the yoke, hong-konged all seams etc.) and adding the (handmade) fringe embellishment.

This poncho is loosely inspired by baya pullovers (otherwise known as “drug rugs“), a unique piece of clothing I was introduced to by my older brother (of course, among countless other eye-opening things!) upon his grand trip to California back in the Nineties. I blame it on my naive nature that deciphering any social cues associated with certain garments still troubles me. For me it simply was the personification of pure comfort – easily available at a daily basis in that unruly closet of mine. And it still is! And as I live a life so far from any mind-altering substances, not even in it’s mildest forms (except for raw chocolate, does raw chocolate count?), the thought of myself in a “drug rug” will leave anyone I know chuckling to death.

And without any form of intoxication (for the sake of my argument, let’s not count raw chocolate!), I am often left to cope with the raw tsunami of reality in my own ways. Consequently, the stimulus of handcraft is indispensable to me. And I’m glad to admit that even if I manage to finish no more than a few stitches a day – they already enclose everything to me: a paradise on earth, of which I can never exhaust of.

So never stop visualizing.

Love always,