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Well hello, again!

Speaking of Archer hacks, I wanted to share another quick idea with you. The moment I discovered Marie Marot’s line of impeccable shirting a few months ago I was attracted to those petite ruffle-trim collars. Wouldn’t they add just the right amount of femininity to an Archer? The french model Marie Marot most certainly perfected the quintessentially Parisian style we all dream of – a timeless style that is based solely on knowing your true self, inside out, with confidence. Apparently she doesn’t even own a single pair of heels, just brogues and boots! But no, we’re probably not talking about those worn-out clog boots you’ll find in my closet.


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Oh well, as Elizabeth Gilbert says, ideas are driven by a single impulse – to made manifest. So I do hope to find the time for this one, especially as I already own the perfect sky-blue poplin. Or is there anyone else out there willing to commit to this one?

Hope you’re having a magical week,