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Hello, dear reader!

I feel like I need to begin by telling you that the pattern I used for my latest project appeared in a monthly German DIY magazine and therefore might not be available in your part of the world. I believe the magazine usually offers three patterns, one of which is created in collaboration with a small, independent company. And while flipping through the January issue of 2013, I happily discovered that they featured the British label Folk. My boyfriend immediately recalled a few of their shirts he discovered at Liberty on a short trip to London. But what tempted me was the corresponding interview… in a short statement the creators of Folk proclaim that they aspire to create comfortable and effortless clothing that enhance a strong sense of self-confidence without having to be sexy and evocative. Oh yes, defnitely my kind of people! Anyway, while the slightly boyish cut of the top might not be something for everyone, it surely made my  heart skip a little faster…





PATTERN: Zip Back Top by Folk in Cut Magazine 01/13

FABRICS: Liberty “Ornithology” print tana lawn


MODIFICATIONS: I lengthened the top by 5cm (but I will shorten it as soon as possible… I actually do prefer the shorter look)

THOUGHTS: This little top is so exceptionally well designed! I’m in love with the side panel detailing, the tiny breast darts, the short saddle shoulders, the contrasting back zip – all those hidden little details that are hardly noticeable at first (especially in a busy print like mine), but they do make the overall design! And then there is the very clean finish on the inside. It did take a longer to sew (oh my, flat felled seams on shoulders!), but I very much enjoyed the whole process!

Well, to be honest … there is only one step in sewing that I find a bit frustrating, and that is gathering all the needed materials. I just can’t ever find what I’m looking for! So I’m always forced to compromise (but never without a little disappointment!). And this project is no exception: I just couldn’t find a metal zipper in the right length or color. And I was hoping to find a good minimal print for this pattern, but I do love the Liberty print I eventually chose (picked up on sale!). Of course it is well known for it’s lovely interpretation by Nadinoo – and while I could never make anything to rival her deliciousness, I’m definitely happy to keep trying.

Someday, I’d love to make another one…. someday.